Hortus Coclusus

Hortus conclusus

The building is located within the village of Artas, situated on the edge of Bethlehem and just next to the famous Solomon Pools. The location and surrounding area are breathtaking, particularly during the spring months when the surrounding mountains surrounding are richly green and the olive trees are blooming.

A picturesque stone bridge stretching over the verdant Artas Valley leads to the Convent of Hortus Conclusus which derives its name from the Song of Songs’ enclosed garden. The convent is inhabited by an Italian order of nuns which was established in Latin America.

It was built more than hundred years ago (in 1901) by engineers from Bethlehem of Morcos family, at the request of Mgr. Soler Archbishop of Montevideo, Uruguay.


Shepherds' Field

The Milk Grotto

House of Saint Joseph

Cisterns of David

Rachel's tomb  


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